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Thank you for your generous support of Montclair Film. Your donation significantly helps to engage, educate and entertain through the power of visual storytelling and helps us to fulfill Montclair Film’s potential as a favorite regional film festival that is more and more regularly being recognized for breaking new ground in film and media education.


($25,000 and above)
Susan V. Bershad
Dara and Jedd Canty
Evelyn and Stephen Colbert
Aash Desai
Rhonda and Bob Silver

($15,000 – $24,999)
Harold I. & Faye B. Liss Foundation

($10,000 – $14,999)
Mindy Cohen and David Bershad

($5,000 – $9,999)
Daniel M. Crown
Christopher John Harnett
Gail and James Kellogg Family Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey
Nancy Northup and James Johnson
Pomegranate Arts, Inc.
Celia Triggs Honohan
Lynn and Sengal Selassie

($2,500 – $4,999)
Sarah and Craig Barrack
Luce and Daniel Battsek
Rose Cali
Kahane and Jeff Cooperman
Christina Cotton and Brian Clarkson
James Dixon
Cathy and Conrad Fink
Alexis and Clifford Finkle
Joan and Eileen Garry-Opatut
Alice and Matthew Iversen
Mary Ann and Clifford Lindholm
Lorri Maake and Phillip Bahramipour
JoAnn and John McCullough
Susan and Reimer Mellin
The Montclair Foundation
Daniela and Luke Parker Bowles
Shelley and Keith Phillips
Karen and Warren Ross
Katherine and Robert Ruberton
Jessica Sporn and Fred Cordero
Mary Anne and Peter Vaughn
Felicia and Ryan Watson
Beth and Craig Wilensky
Adrienne Young
Joan and Don Zief

($1,000 – $2,499)
Lorraine Acosta and Bill Best
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Addair
Linder and Merrick Andlinger
Apple, Inc.
Amy Baskin
Kathleen Beebe and Jeffrey Szilagyi
Angela Beekers-Uberoi and Hank Uberoi
Kris and Jim Bromley
Elizabeth and Tim Bozik
Pat Ceasar
Julie and Monty Cerf
Deborah and Steve Dillingham
Maggie Drucker and Bob Feinberg
Mary and Robert Engel
Jody Gilardi and Dan Simon
Philippa Girling and Joseph Fiorentino
Marci and Ken Gruber
Catherine and Doug Halbert
Deborah and Peter Hirsch
Michelle Johnson-Lewis
Lauren and Doug Kaplan
Leslie Larson and Don Katz
Kathy and Sly McClearn
Carl Podwoski
Magda Schaler-Haynes and Michael Haynes
Pamela Sinishtaj
Patty and Jonathan Strain
TarverWalls Foundation
Laura and Willard Tressel
Margo and Frank Walter
JoAnn and John Weisel