MFF and the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center presented a special screening of KNUCKLEBALL! on Thursday, September 27th at the Yogi Berra Museum.  The screening coincided with R.A. Dickey’s 20th win!

Knuckleball Film Poster

Director Ricki Stern and Author Wayne Coffey joined us for a Q&A following the film.

Ricki Stern — an acclaimed documentarian and the co-director of “Knuckleball.”  She also directed the 2010 documentary about Joan Rivers, “A Piece of Work.”

Wayne Coffey — an award-winning journalist for the New York Daily News who co-authored R.A. Dickey’s 2012 book, “Wherever I Wind Up: My Quest for Truth, Authenticity and the Perfect Knuckleball.”

KNUCKLEBALL! is the story of a few good men, a handful of pitchers in the entire history of baseball forced to resort to the lowest rung on the credibility ladder in their sport: throwing a ball so slow and unpredictable that no one wants anything to do with it. The film follows the Major Leagues only knuckleballers in 2011, Tim Wakefield and R.A. Dickey, as they pursue a mercurial art form in a world that values speed, accuracy, and numerical accountability.

Red Sox pitcher Wakefield is the 17-year veteran and fan favorite weeks away from turning 45 (the oldest player in the game) and seven victories away from the remarkable and deeply personal milestone of 200 career wins. Dickey is the charismatic and articulate 34 year-old neophyte trying to fight his way out of the minor league system with the New York Mets.With extraordinary access from the players and Major League Baseball, the film follows their personal quests with behind-the-scenes moments at the ballpark, on the road, and at home with family.

– Summary courtesy of IMDb

Read about R.A. Dickey’s Knuckleball in last week’s New York Times.

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