NJ Shorts: The Unexpected

These six short films take us to places we would never expect. Ike Interviews God (9 min., Eli Shapiro) shows us the satirical side of a regular guy who must convince God not to destroy the world. Jelly Souls (9 min., Sam Wohl) follows a delusional man as he hides out in a boat in the desert taking refuge from his past memories. Sweepstakes (15 min., Mark Tumas) is a drama about a new mother left to contemplate the life she could have had after her husband suffers a neurological complication. In the thriller Feed A (11 min., Clarke Mayer), a S.W.A.T. team answers a call for a missing police officer sent out on a domestic disturbance complaint only to find something unexpected and quite terrifying. Failure Groupies (12 min., Mandira Chauhan) follows a group of tweens who failed a group project, set up a spy mission in an attempt to get their temperamental teacher fired, and learn more than they bargained for when they accuse the teacher of being a terrorist. You never know what will happen when the infamous variety artist Floyd Vivino performs his weekly show at a mom-and-pop Italian restaurant in this short documentary, Uncle Floyd (11 min., Charles Poekel). The drama Legacy Cleaning (15 min. Kerstin Karlhuber) brings us a maid who finds herself alone in a mansion and thinks she’s found the secret to happiness in how the other half lives.

In Person: Members of the various filmmaking teams