MFF Contest for FREE Film Tickets!

The Montclair Film Festival has been in full swing since Monday’s fabulous opening night party and screening of Chef at the Wellmont Theater. We’ve had informative and insightful free panels, family story hour for the kids and yoga classes, and screened thought-provoking documentaries and exciting shorts and feature films. But wait…there’s more…so much more, with three more days of jam-packed screenings and events!

And to thank you for all of your support and enthusiasm, the Montclair Film Festival is running several flash contests on its Facebook page and through Twitter for FREE tickets to five different screenings over the weekend. Simply answer the questions next to the corresponding film below and keep your fingers crossed.

For film descriptions, click on titles below. Winners will be randomly chosen every hour! To enter, just email answers to Have fun and good luck!

WHAT IS CINEMA? Sat. May 3, 11:45am (Clairidge Cinema) With Chuck Workman in person! Question: What films would be in the montage of your life?

IVORY TOWER Sat. May 3, 3:45pm (MKA) In person: Director Andrew Rossi, interviewed by David Carr of the New York Times Question: How much should college cost?

THROUGH A LENS DARKLY: BLACK PHOTOGRAPHERS AND THE EMERGENCE OF A PEOPLE Sat. May 3, 6:45pm (Clairidge Cinema) In person: Director Thomas Allen Harris Question: Do you consider yourself a photographer?

NO CAMERAS ALLOWED Sat. May 3, 9:45pm (MKA) In person: Director James Marcus Haney Question: What was your first concert?

DANGEROUS ACTS Sun. May 4, 11:30am (Clairidge Cinema) In person: Director Madeleine Sackler Question: What is the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done?

Send answers for films you want a chance to see for FREE to Good Luck!