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Director Abigail Disney in Person

ArmorofLight Straight from her World Premiere at the TriBeCa Film Festival, Director Abigail Disney will attend our screening of ARMOR OF LIGHT, a film hailed as “a beautiful portrait of two exceptionally courageous people…” and “the most insightful communication of any kind that has been done on th(e) issue (of gun control).” Be one of the first to see this important, must-see film!

Director Scott Christopherson in person

peaceofficerWinner of the SXSW Grand Jury Prize, PEACE OFFICER will prove to be one of the most talk-about films of the year. Variety hails the film as “The first major documentary on a topic of fast-rising public interest – the increasing militarization of U.S. police departments – PEACE OFFICER turns out to be as engrossing and well crafted as it is timely.”

Director Erin Lee Carr in person

ThoughtCrimes Montclair’s own Erin Lee Carr makes her debut with THOUGHT CRIMES, produced by HBO. The film comes to MFF from its TriBeCa premiere, where The Guardian wrote “Here’s when you know you have a compelling documentary. There are sequences in THOUGHT CRIMES, the first feature from young director Erin Lee Carr, in which I was ready to hop out of my seat, fueled with rage at the gross injustices of our legal system. Moments later, I wanted to volunteer to lock up the perpetrator and throw away the key myself.” Come make up your own mind!

Director and star Ross Partridge in person

LambRoss Partridge’s LAMB is a complex and assured drama. says “With impressive finesse, Partridge, who adapted the screenplay, maintains the sense of dense characterization sometimes lost in cinematic translations dealing with material as fragile as this.” The Hollywood Reporter says “Fine performances bring an intriguing complexity to this provocative tale…LAMB proves itself a deeply intriguing psychological drama that should inspire much spirited debate. Let the controversy begin.”


JD2SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. PHILADELPHIA. CAGED HEAT. STOP MAKING SENSE. And that’s just a few! Jonathan Demme is an Academy Award® winning director, documentarian and producer whose legendary career spans four decades. Be in the same room with this iconic filmmaker as AMC’s Joel Stillerman leads a conversation that will explore Demme’s creative process and career as one of this generation’s defining filmmakers.