A New Home for Montclair Film

Our Inspiration

The MFF, modeled after popular festivals around the country that have revitalized small arts-oriented towns like Montclair, was founded in 2010 by a group of culturally aware residents to deliver innovative programs to regional film enthusiasts who flock to the local movie theater and independent art cinema.

Relying on the expertise and connections of the many industry insiders who reside in our community, and maximizing its impact by collaborating with many of the town’s prominent arts organizations, the MFF was born.

Our popular signature spring festival served as a springboard for the development of year-round film education and public programs that serve a growing number of students and families from across the region.

As a leader in the art of film, the MFF’s growth into a permanent home on Bloomfield Avenue perfectly blends our organizational vision into the civic vision for the street, neighborhood and city, allowing us to expand upon existing commerce, excitement, and sense of destination that Bloomfield Avenue can provide.

Building an open community space for film students and enthusiasts across the region.
We have reached the limits of our temporary headquarters, and have been presented with a building by Investors Bank. This new building fills a need for a year-round multipurpose facility that will position the MFF for continued growth and long-term financial and organizational stability.

As an organization committed to environmental + organizational sustainability, we are pursuing LEED Certification for our building design.

Building Features

  • 6,000 square foot multipurpose facility
  • 72-seat micro-cinema / auditorium
  • Fully ADA-compliant facility with elevator
  • Film education classrooms
  • Production Lab
  • Storytelling / Recording Booth
  • Rear patio garden and mural
  • Administrative offices on an expanded second floor to house year-round professional staff
  • Box Office

Flexible Spaces

  • Festival headquarters
  • In Conversation programs
  • Filmmaker Lounge
  • Community Gatherings
  • Special Events + Parties
  • Facility Rentals