Concierge Classes

Concierge Classes for Middle & High School Students

New for Fall! Concierge — a customized approach to online course design.

Do you have a group of students interested in learning together? Whether it be a traditional class or a new subject you’d like to explore that hasn’t been offered at our Film Academy, we welcome your ideas and suggestions.

Our Concierge classes directly address current at-home-schooling challenges and safe extracurricular recreation. What skills do your students want to develop in the vast and exciting world of film and media? Our instructors will map out a curriculum while adapting customized timelines, providing a fun social outlet and teaching students skills that contribute to their academic resume.

Concierge keeps it simple:

  • Unique class sizes
  • Peers to tailor their very own curriculum
  • Great Instructors
  • Safe learning environment

Can’t get better than that!

If you’re looking for something special, connect with us.
Go to: Concierge Classes or Email for more information.

*Note: Classes subject to Instructor availability. A minimum of 7 students is required for a Concierge Class, however, we would be happy to combine pods with similar interest and age range.