S3: Visual Effects (VFX)

Learn how movie magic is done! Go behind the scene and discover the exciting high tech world of VFX. In this NEW hands-on workshop, students will explore visual effects and how they are created. Students will learn a variety of techniques such as Rotoscoping, Compositing, Set Extension and Camera Tracking using industry standard VFX software such as Nuke, HitFilm and After Effects.

This workshop is the perfect mix of storytelling, cutting-edge technology and creativity.
From creating light sabers, to making fantastic worlds using a greenscreen, or making a Repulsor Jet, have fun exploring the fundamentals of VFX! (Class size: 7 – 10)

8/9 – 8/13
9:30 AM – 12:00 PM
$275 / Members: $247
7 – 12