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Anne at 13,000 Ft.

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Available Friday, September 10
– Thursday, October 21

Anne (Deragh Campbell) hasn’t been the same since the jump. While skydiving for her best friend Sara’s (Dorothea Paas) bachelorette party, the 27-year-old felt focused, free, above it all. Back on the ground, the pressures of her daily life threaten to overwhelm her. Her coworkers at the daycare center are constantly questioning the way she connects with the children. At Sara’s wedding, she meets a nice guy named Matt (Matt Johnson), but she can’t help bringing him into ever-more-awkward social situations. As the stressful circumstances mount, Anne prepares for another jump. An electrifying pairing of two of the brightest young stars in cinema in director Kazik Radwanski (TOWER, HOW HEAVY THIS HAMMER) and rising talent Deragh Campbell (I USED TO BE DARKER), ANNE AT 13,000 FT. reveals a director and star in perfect synch. From a rip-roaring skydive to moments of quiet reverie, Radwanski captures Anne’s experience with an unflinching directness, a volatile mix of Dardenne brothers immediacy and Cassavetes naturalism. And yet even from this privileged vantage point, it’s impossible to predict what Anne will do next.


  • Genre

    Drama, Award Winner

  • Runtime

    75 min

  • Director

    Kazik Radwanski

  • Producer

    Daniel Montgomery, Kazik Radwanski

  • Cast

    Deragh Campbell, Dorothea Paas, Matt Johnson, Lawrene Denkers

  • Country

    Canada, USA