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When his best friend Peter (Nicholas Braun) arrives in Manhattan for a visit, Max (Michael Angarano) takes him for a day on the town, hitting the tourist spots and all the while hilariously working through the baggage of their friendship. But when they meet a pair of young women, day spills into night and takes an unexpected turn. In his directorial debut, Angarano (THE KNICK) creates a portrait of contemporary New York City that harkens back to the classics of the 1970s; alive to the possibilities of the city.

In Person:  Director Michael Angarano and Actor Nicholas Braun

  • Genre

    Fiction, Comedy, Drama, Romance, NYC Interest, Feature Film

  • Runtime

    78 min.

  • Section

    Fiction Feature

  • Release Year


  • Director

    Michael Angarano

  • Producer

    Michael Angarano, Matthew Perniciaro, Jonah Quickmire Pettigrew, Elyse Seiden, Michael Sherman

  • Cast

    Michael Angarano, Nicholas Braun, Adelaide Clemens, Ari Graynor, Maya Kazan

  • Country