Dear friends,

On behalf of Montclair Film, I write you today to reinforce our support for justice for the Black community in our nation.

Since our founding, Montclair Film has worked as an organization to elevate Black voices, and to connect our community to the experiences, ideas, and stories of Black artists. We have done this not only because we believe in the values of justice, equity, and empowerment, but in actively seeking them by fostering connections in our community that we believe can help create transformative change through common understanding.

As an organization, we will continue to support Black storytellers of all backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations, and points of view at all times, to continue to foster engagement and communication. We are proud to do the work of creating space for Black voices to be heard.

In order to elevate Black stories and perspectives, and in order to inspire each of us to actively listen and engage, we will be immediately re-directing our daily Discover Together film program to films by Black artists that explore the Black experience in America.  I will accompany each film with a daily live video introduction on Montclair Film’s Facebook page, and hope you will join me in conversation there.

Today, in solidarity with innumerable artists and organizations, we were proud to participate in #BlackOutTuesday and will not be hosting any of our regularly scheduled films or programs.

Our re-launched Discover Together program will begin tomorrow. This week’s films are listed below for you to explore with us. We announce next week’s films on Sunday.

We remain committed to our support and engagement, and continue to stand alongside those speaking out for justice.


Tom Hall
Executive Director
Montclair Film