One of the all-time great films noir, Rudolph Maté’s 1949 classic D.O.A. is a pioneering work of cinematic storytelling. Frank Bigelow (Edmond O’Brien) is about to die, and he knows it, having been poisoned and with only 24 hours before the lethal concoction kills him. Determined to find out who his murderer is, Frank, with the help of his assistant and girlfriend, Paula (Pamela Britton), begins to trace back over his last steps. Can he solve the crime in time?

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  • Runtime

    83 min

  • Section

    Discover Together

  • Release Year


  • Director

    Rudolph Maté

  • Producer

    Leo C. Popkin

  • Cast

    Edmond O'Brien, Pamela Britton, Luther Adler, Beverly Campbell

  • Country