Illuminations: Short Films of Discovery

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Emmy-nominated, award winning, husband and wife, social justice filmmakers, Marylou & Jerome Bongiorno, preview four of their short fiction films, inspired by Arthur Rimbaud’s acclaimed Illuminations poems.  The stories depict the fragile relationship between: actors struggling with love and ambition, the ghosts of General Giuseppe Garibaldi and inventor Antonio Meucci debating “Why do we fight?”, glass artisans grappling with trauma, and an adoptee and a Benedictine nun unraveling a dangerous past and present plans to return to Ghana.

The films feature actors who are alumni of NYU Tisch Grad Acting, Yale School of Drama, and The Juilliard School. Special Guests will discuss the films with the filmmakers and audience.

ANGUISH, with Sean Patrick Higgins and Anna Tullis
HEARING VOICES, with Tony Manna and Tim Nicolai
GLASS WORKS, with Annie Fox and Malcolm Morano
MOTHERLAND, with Fikile M Kani and Rachel Black Spaulding