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Keep an Eye Out

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Available Friday,
March 5 – Thursday, March 18

Another deranged delight by French absurdist Quentin Dupieux (DEERSKIN), KEEP AN EYE OUT is a breakneck-paced cop comedy. Belgian funnyman Benoît Poelvoorde (MAN BITES DOG) is Commissaire Buran, a cop interrogating Fugain, (Grégoire Ludig), an average Joe who discovered a dead body outside his apartment building. Fugain must, on an empty stomach, explain how and why he happened to leave home seven times in one night before coming across a corpse in a puddle of blood. Since he’s the investigation’s only suspect, Fugain’s anxiety is already sky-high when Buran leaves him alone with Philippe, a one-eyed rookie cop with bizarre speech patterns. Bloody, batshit hijinks ensue, and before long, we’re in Buñuel territory. Between the opening sequence and the triple-meta denouement, Dupieux’s whip-smart script disregards audience expectations, the fourth wall, and the laws of time and space. You’ll never look at a protractor or an oyster the same way again.

In French with English subtitles.