Mossville: When Great Trees Fall

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Winner: MFF19 The David Carr Award For Truth In Non-Fiction Filmmaking

Winner: MFF19 Junior Jury Award

Mossville, Louisiana was a community rich in natural resources and history, founded by formerly enslaved people, where neighbors lived in harmony, insulated from the horrors of Jim Crow. Today it more closely resembles a wasteland, and what was once lush farmland was completely deforested as petrochemical and industrial plants moved into the area. The newest and biggest addition is a plant built by the apartheid-born South African-based chemical company Sasol. As Sasol encroaches on citizens’ property with buyout offers, lifelong resident Stacey Ryan is the last man standing and the only one willing to fight for his ancestral land, but at what cost?

Q&A with director Alex Glustrom, executive producer Michelle Lanier, producer Kate Mathews, and producer Daniel Bennett to follow.