Filmmaking New Vision Shorts

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Montclair State University College of the Arts, School of Communication and Media, Filmmaking BFA Program presents New Visions 2018. This year’s theme is Resist Definition. Six visually powerful and emotionally moving short films made by MSU Filmmaking BFA’s finest filmmakers. Join us as we present six brilliantly crafted visions of defining yourself before the world does it for you.

The 2018 New Visions films are:

DIRTY BABY, dir. by Alexander Zuccaro, 15 min.

ELYUVI, dir. by Trevor Stephney, 6 min.

HIT ME UP, dir. by Michelle Martinez, 15 min.

LAUNDRY DAY, dir. by Peter Dolshun, 10 min.

PAUL, dir. by Nick Capra, 20 min.

UNDEFINED: A MUSLIM-AMERICAN MUSICAL, dir. by Amatullah’Muhyi Ali, 25 min.