On Camera Auditioning for Film and TV

This course is designed to de-mystify what happens in the audition room. Students will learn the basics of on-camera auditioning, working with sides, building your brand, developing industry relationships, and learning the handle the business of the business. They will get in front of the camera every week, and get real world training and feedback. In this class you’ll learn how to work honestly and stand out from the pack in the world of TV. We’ll work with various film and TV scenes and learn how to bring the script to life! At the end of the workshop, students will receive a copy of their in-class auditions.

Students will need a device (laptop, tablet, phone) with a camera and access to wifi. Classes will be held over ZOOM and students will be learning how to shoot live auditions and self tapes in their homes. Instructor will also record these auditions and play them back live during class. (Class Size 8-10)

Tuesdays and Thursdays: 7/14, 7/16, 7/21, 7/23
7:00 PM – 9:30 PM
$230 / Members: $207