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The son of an investigative journalist stumbles upon his late father’s last unsolved case – a murder that tore apart the gritty town of Passaic, NJ – and he needs to decide if he will dig back into the decades-old crime, to discover the truth behind the tragedy, in order to better understand his father and, ultimately, himself. Based on a true story.

  • Genre

    Fiction, Criminal Justice, Documentary, New Jersey Interest, True Crime, Short Film

  • Runtime

    15 min

  • Section

    NJ Shorts 1: Fiction

  • Director

    Douglas Underdahl

  • Producer

    Michael A. Nickles, Allison Klausner, Jon Schwartz, John Galioto, John and Judy Vitha, Curt Gardner, Howard and Lorraine Freeman, Keith Silverman, Adam Potter, Larry and Lori Pitkowsky

  • Cast

    Jason Cerbone, Shannon Marie Sullivan, Jason Liebman, Ben Curtis, Laura Nelson, Patrick Collins, John Schiappa, H. Foley, Martin Barabas, Tom Paolino, Jon J. Masters, Deborah Twiss

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