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Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown Period of Time

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February 26 – Wednesday, March 31


Hungary’s Official Submission to the Academy Awards

Márta, a 40-year-old neurosurgeon, falls in love. After 20 years in the United States, she leaves her shining American career behind and returns to Budapest to start a new life with the man she fell madly in love with, a fellow doctor she met at a conference in New Jersey. When the love of her life does not appear at their agreed rendezvous place and is nowhere to be seen, she tries to tracks him down only to have the bewildered man claim the two have never met.

In Hungarian with English subtitles.


  • Genre

    Drama, Foreign Language, Romance, Subtitled, Award Winner

  • Runtime

    95 min

  • Release Year


  • Director

    Lili Horvát

  • Producer

    Dóra Csernátony, Lili Horvát, Péter Miskolczi

  • Cast

    Natasa Stork, Viktor Bodó, Benett Vilmányi, Zsolt Nagy, Péter Tóth

  • Country