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In this Merchant Ivory classic, Marya (Isabelle Adjani), a former chorus girl of humble origins, is gleefully living it up in the decadence of 1920s Paris until Stephan (Anthony Higgins), her art dealer husband, is convicted of theft. Broke and alone, she is taken in by H.J. (Alan Bates) and Lois Heidler (Maggie Smith), a posh and eccentric married couple who take pity on the poor girl, though they barely know her. But before long this trio will become hopelessly entangled in a treacherous love triangle.

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  • Genre

    Fiction, Drama, Romance, Women's Interest, Classics, Feature Film

  • Runtime

    101 min

  • Section

    FIAF Salutes Isabelle Adjani

  • Release Year


  • Director

    James Ivory

  • Producer

    Jean-Pierre Mahot, Ismail Merchant

  • Cast

    Isabelle Adjani, Anthony Higgins, Maggie Smith, Alan Bates

  • Country

    UK, France