Ride the Wave

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Imagine waking up paralyzed at the age of 15…no accident, no injury, and no trauma. It was just your time. Sounds like a nightmare, right? Not to Scott Chesney. It was a blessing in disguise. Start seeing life in a new perspective and join him on his journey of self-discovery that has taken him all over the world. This is a story of hope, challenges, resilience, courage, family, friends, love, and gratitude. Scott continues to the navigate life’s peaks and valleys…and he wants the world to join him!

Pre-Recorded Q&A with director Kevin Nulty and subject Scott Chesney to follow.

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  • Genre

    Documentary, New Jersey Interest

  • Runtime

    55 min

  • Section

    2020 ReelAbilities Film Festival

  • Release Year


  • Director

    Kevin Nulty

  • Producer

    Fred Trauerts, Scott Chesney, Nick Binder, Kevin Nulty

  • Subject

    Scott Chesney

  • Country