Shorts Program

Shorts: MSU New Visions

$17 Regular
$15 for Members (not a member?)

Montclair State University College of the Arts, School of Communication and Media, Filmmaking BFA Program presents New Visions 2022.  A showcase of visually compelling, emotionally powerful short films created by MSU’s top student filmmakers.

Director: Ross Stern

Producer: Collin Wehr
Cast: David Hamed, Jayandra Chiluwal
USA, 13 min
A caricature artist’s world is upended when an abstract artist starts working in his park.

Director: Ryan M. Kennedy
USA, 20 min

In the future, every U.S. citizen has the right to own one clone of themself. Clones have no rights and can only become citizens if emancipated by their original human. After 30 years together, Alex suddenly elects to emancipate his clone Richie, but his closest friends begin to question his true intentions.

Director: Samantha Givone
Producer: Samantha Givone
Cast: Carrie Keating, Isabelle Garbani
USA, 13 min

EAT IT UP is a psychological thriller about what happens when a mother, who believes that fairies are taking care of her, is confronted by her daughter over what is real and what is fantasy.

Director: Tyler Markham
Producers: Tyler Markham, Ryan Kennedy, Peter Martin
Cast: Jake Chuako, Russ Russo, Forrest Renaissance
USA, 17 min

A boy meets his biological father for the first time and is thrown into a situation where he learns who his dad really is.

Director: Zachary Abbruscato
USA, 8 min

Rudy is known as the coolest girl around, but when Rad Brad appears to challenge that, they will have to dance to determine their fate!

Director: Alec Palumbo
Cast: Elijah Davis, Isaiah Smalls, Shelly Johnson, Richard Haddad
USA, 13 min

A high school wrestler puts his body and family on the line when taking steroids to outshine his younger brother.

Director: Jose Saborio

Producers: Tom Coraggio, Ethan Reis
Cast: Cassandra Ek Marrufo, Adrian Espinal-Martinez, Michael Sliwka, Sylvia Quesada, Mauricio Saborio
USA/Costa Rica, 13 min
A Costa Rican woman flees her home to stay in New Jersey for her boyfriend, on the condition of taking care of a widower’s kids.

Director: Adam Chhour
Producers: Talia Steinmetz, Allie Lee, Adam Chhour
Cast: Justin Yu, Bing Zhu, Kevin D. Wang, Jaydan Liu, Miss Belle
USA, 14 min

A slice-of-life of a Chinese immigrant who leaves for America with hopes and dreams of a better life for his family.