Shorts: Out Shorts

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THE BEAUTY PRESIDENT (dir. Whitney Skauge, USA, 10 min)
In 1992, Joan Jett Blakk made a historic bid for the White House as one of the first openly queer write-in candidates.

BRUISED FRUIT TASTES SWEETER (dir. Jake Kolton, USA, 10 min)
A couple tries to mend their fragile relationship after a sudden car accident.

THE CORONATION (dir. Dhruv Sud, USA, 13 min)
A young boy sneaks out from his parents’ home in New Jersey to see his drag queen friends in New York City.

CUPIDS (dir. Zoey Martinson, USA, 10 min)
Three kids set out to find their beloved bus driver a date before summer begins.

PURE (dir. Natalie Jasmine Harris, USA, 12 min)
A young girl grapples with her own insecurities and fears on the eve of her cotillion ball.

WHEN I’M HER (dir. Emily Schuman, USA, 15 min)
Michael finds refuge and liberation by assuming an alter ego: a sparkly turban-wearing, Russian ballet instructor named Madame Olga.

Q&A with director Jake Kolton (BRUISED FRUIT TASTES SWEETER), director Dhruv Sud + actor Dash Katz (THE CORONATION), Zoey Martinson (CUPIDS), director Natalie Jasmine Harris (PURE), and director Emily Schuman + subject Michael Cusumano (WHEN I’M HER) to follow.

Virtual Screening Available in the USA
Available Sunday, October 24 – Sunday, October 31

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