Sketch Comedy Writing

Are you a comedy lover? Perhaps you’ve seen yourself as the protagonist in your favorite Netflix series? Or maybe you’ve watched a comedy show and thought “I’m way funnier than this.” Whatever your situation, this class will serve as an active workshop to refine your writing skills as we will form a writing team for a hypothetical sketch show. In so doing we will model the writing process for not only creating individual sketches, but ones that are part of a larger thematic show. We will review different sketch forms (clown, topical, abstract) and study successful sketch comedy troupes from the popular (SNL, Mr. Show, Key and Peele, Kids in the Hall, Monty Python) to the equally impressive but more obscure groups. You will learn how to work alone, and with others, refine existing material and ultimately champion each other’s work in the spirit of true collaboration. Class size: (8 – 10)

8/3 – 8/7 and 8/10 – 8/14
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
$420 / Members: $378
13 – 18