Sonic Break

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Felix Baumgartner, one of the greatest skydivers of all time, stunned the world in 2012 by leaping from a balloon at the edge of space to become the first person to break the sound barrier without machine assistance. Felix’s historic achievement has been well celebrated and remains the most watched live event ever on Youtube, but little is known about his extreme personal obstacles behind-the-scenes. During the five year program he suffered from high-stress claustrophobia and anxiety attacks. In order to achieve his dream, Felix had to overcome his own mind. This film explores the intense psychological therapy and training that brought him back from the brink and made his record-breaking jump possible.

  • Genre

    Documentary, Health & Wellness, Sports, Short Film

  • Runtime

    22 min

  • Section

    Sports Shorts

  • Director

    Stevan Riley

  • Producer

    Christopher Leggett, Rafael Marmor, Libby Geist, Connor Schell, John Dahl, Erin Leyden, Deirdre Fenton

  • Subject

    Felix Baumgartner, Joe Kittinger, Michael Gervais

  • Country