Shorts Program

Shorts: Student Shorts

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$15 for Members (not a member?)

ANTIQUE FAILURE (dir. Carter Cavanaugh, USA, 15 min)
Collin’s world completely shifts when the lead singer of touring punk group ‘Antique Failure’ comes to Collin for help on his broken-down van.

ESPERANZA (dir. Shruti Parekh, USA, 18 min)
When an immigrant taxi driver in upstate New York takes an undocumented couple to the Canadian border, they find themselves at odds in the shared pursuit of a better life.

GREEN WATER (dir. Carlos Estrada, USA, 16 min)
College bound Erik must learn to take care of his younger sister Nora after their undocumented mother goes missing.

MILLIE MOON (dir. Kirsty O’Donnell, Scotland, 30 min)
When a fiercely independent Glaswegian woman decides to move to New York, her estranged childhood best friend attempts to change her growing disdain for her hometown, whilst trying to regain her trust and work his way back into her life.

ON YOUR BEHALF (dir. Ana Garcia Rico, UK, 16 min)
We all have pet peeves which make us say ‘I could kill them’ but Ava goes one step further.

Q&A with director Carter Cavanaugh (ANTIQUE FAILURE), director Shruti Parekh, and director Kirsty O’Donnell (MILLIE MOON) to follow.