Super Secret Surprise Screening

$15 Regular

$13 For Members (not a member?)

Please note: this event now is STANDBY LINE ONLY


We can’t tell you what this movie is, but trust us, you don’t want to let it be, you want a ticket to ride! They’re available now, but slow down, you don’t need to run for your life to get them. We want to help, but it won’t be long until this screening sells out, so come together with your friends at the Montclair Film Festival for our first ever Super Secret Surprise Screening! Waiting to see what the film is? You can’t do that. Why? No reply. The end.

This screening is co-presented by The Bravitas Group.

  • Genre

    Fiction, Feature Film

  • Runtime

    111 min

  • Section

    Fiction Feature

  • Release Year


  • Director

    Can't Tell You

  • Producer

    I Wish We Could Say

  • Cast

    Mmmm, Unfortunately, No

  • Country

    Alas, Unable To Share