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The Phantom

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In February 1983, Carlos DeLuna was arrested for the murder of Wanda Lopez, a young woman working at a gas station in Corpus Christi, Texas. Although DeLuna insisted he wasn’t the killer,  witnesses identified him, and in July 1983 DeLuna was sentenced to death. 23 years after his execution — in a botched lethal-injection procedure — a Columbia University law professor has a team of students study the case and publish a report that DeLuna, in fact, was innocent. The real killer was another Carlos, Carlos Hernandez, who killed Wanda Lopez and then disappeared…like a phantom. Or so the justice system thought. BAFTA- winning documentarian Patrick Forbes journeys to Texas to speak to the people involved in this notorious case that represents everything wrong with the criminal justice system and, especially, with the death penalty. 

Based on “Los Tocayos Carlos” report by a team of Columbia Law School researchers led by Professor James Liebman.