The Wonder

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Sebastián Lelio’s THE WONDER is at once a radical departure from his Chilean cinematic roots, and of a piece with his previous explorations of women looking to break away from the social barriers that constrain them.  Set in The Irish Midlands in 1862, the story follows a young girl who stops eating but remains miraculously alive and well. English nurse Lib Wright (Florence Pugh) is brought to a tiny village to observe eleven-year old Anna O’Donnell, who is said to have survived without food for months. What she discovers will soon change the course of her life forever.


  • Genre

    Fiction, Drama, Faith, Women's Interest, Feature Film

  • Runtime

    103 Min

  • Section

    Fiction Feature

  • Release Year


  • Director

    Sebastián Lelio

  • Producer

    Ed Guiney, Juliette Howell, Andrew Lowe, Tessa Ross

  • Cast

    Florence Pugh,Niamh Algar, Tom Burke, Ciarán Hinds

  • Country

    Ireland/ UK/ USA

  • Accessibility