The YouTube Effect

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Beginning as a revolutionary tool for people from all over the world to share videos of their ideas and experiences over the internet, YouTube grew from a niche tool for self expression into the biggest site on the internet, delivering tens of billions of dollars in annual revenue to its parent company Alphabet (the parent company of Google). Alex Winter’s THE YOUTUBE EFFECT tracks the rise of YouTube and its impact on the shape of our society, providing a clear-eyed look at the ways in which society has been forced to reckon with the tech giant’s dominance.

Q&A with director Alex Winter (virtually) and DP Peter Nicoll to follow both screenings. 


  • Genre

    Documentary, Internet Ethics, Media, Technology, Feature Film

  • Runtime

    99 Min

  • Section

    NJ Films Competition

  • Release Year


  • Director

    Alex Winter

  • Producer

    Gale Anne Hurd, Alex Winter, Glen Zipper

  • Country

    USA/ Brazil/ Germany/ India/ Taiwan/ China/ Chile

  • Accessibility