I Am Not Your Hero (North To Shore)

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$11 for Members (not a member?)

Note: All North To Shore Screenings Take Place at Dante Hall, 14 N Mississippi Ave in Atlantic City, NJ.

I AM NOT YOUR HERO is a film by Director Kelley Kali, delivering an urgent message inspired by Black women physicians that need to be heard–now. This timely, nonfiction short film taps into an urgent narrative and national conversation about the expectations and roles of Black women in contemporary society. The film connects viewers to the lived experiences of Black women physicians and the heightened tribulations they experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic such as the twin perils of health inequities and systemic racism that plague America’s medical system. We will meet a cohort of first-generation BIPOC doctors who don’t come from privilege but rather worked their way up from historically underserved and under-resourced communities. Caregivers and frontline health workers, the women in the film are committed to upholding their oath of service, no matter what obstacles come their way.  

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