Shorts Program

Shorts: NJ Shorts Competition

Sunday, October 22

Location: Wellmont Theater

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$17 Regular
$15 for Members (not a member?)

ACCIDENT (dir. Stephanie Ahn, USA, 12 min)
A woman attempts to get the man responsible for her mother’s accident to pay for the damages when her own accident unfolds.

BEAR BRONSON (dir. Everett Ravens, USA, 6 min)
A wrestler grapples with the idea of his identity, both inside the ring and out.

THE BLAKE (dir. Courtney Sposato, Mark Sposato, USA, 15 min)
A filmmaker recounts how a space shuttle replica taught her about life, loss, and outer space.

CLOISTERED (dir. Catherine Finsness, USA, 22 min)
This focus on a New Jersey religious community undoes the stereotypes we hold of nuns.

DARK MOON (dir. Katie Mathews, USA, 17 min)
A daughter comes home for the weekend to look after her father, ailing with Dementia.

PUSHOVER (dir. Brian Lederman, USA, 7 min)
A man’s life is upended by increasingly threatening phone calls demanding he leave a review for a recent online purchase.

SWIPE NYC (dir. Sue Zarco Kramer, USA, 29 min)
A recently divorced empty-nester dives into the world of online dating.

Q&A with director Stephanie Ahn (ACCIDENT), producer Matt Chernick (BEAR BRONSON), directors Courtney and Mark Sposato (THE BLAKE), director Catherine Finsness (CLOISTERED), director Katie Mathews (DARK MOON), director Brian Lederman (PUSHOVER) and director Sue Zarco Kramer (SWIPE NYC) to follow. 



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