Shorts Program

Shorts: Shorts for All Ages

Saturday, October 28

Location: Clairidge Cinema 4

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Sunday, October 29

Location: Clairidge Cinema 2

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$17 Regular
$15 for Members (not a member?)

AIKĀNE (dir. Daniel Sousa, Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson, USA, 14 min)
A valiant island warrior falls into a mysterious underwater world.

BEAR HUGS (dir. Maggie May Brummer, USA, 2 min)
A teddy bear is on a mission to get to a special someone for Christmas.

BOXED OUT (dir. Rachel Cooley, USA, 6 min)
A 2D animated, slapstick comedy about two coworkers getting into a prank war at work.

CHICKEN STORIES (dir. Jonathan Pickett, USA, 17 min)
On a start-up farm outside Oakland, various chicken flocks surmount daily obstacles while the newbie farmers attempt to Google their way to help.

DRAWING BORED (dir. Mick Posch, USA, 2 min)
An artist struggles to find inspiration, unaware of the increasingly strange goings-on outside his window.

IN YOUR ELEMENT (dir. Arel Gabbay, USA, 3 min)
Mother Nature leads her children, the four elements, to work together and create something beautiful.

Q&A with director Rachel Cooley (BOXED OUT), director Mick Posch (DRAWING BORED), and director Arel Gabbay (IN YOUR ELEMENT) to follow. 



Limited Mobility Access