Short Film

The Dads

Saturday, October 21

Location: Clairidge Cinema 2

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The last time Dennis Shepard went fishing with his son was 1998. A few short months later, Matthew Shepard was brutally slain in an anti-gay hate crime that reverberated globally, ushering in sweeping hate crime legislation many hoped would pave the way for lasting equality. 25 years later, five fathers of trans children join Dennis for another fishing trip, in a moment when the civil rights of their kids – and kids just like them – are being rolled back across the United States and around the world. The simple moments on the river bring healing: the beauty and craft of tying a lure; the peacefulness of standing by the water with trusted friends; the respect and love they feel for nature. But as documented in this candid and emotional short from director Luchina Fisher and executive producer Dwyane Wade, the trip offers a rare opportunity for these fathers to speak openly and honestly with others who understand their fears all too well. They’re willing to put everything on the line for their children, but it’s clear they cannot survive in isolation – it will take all of them together to protect trans youth, in this generation and beyond.

Playing in OUT SHORTS.



  • Genre

    Documentary, LGBTQ, Parenting, Short Film

  • Runtime

    11 min

  • Section

    Out Shorts

  • Release Year


  • Director

    Luchina Fisher

  • Producer

    Luchina Fisher, Dwyane Wade (Executive Producer), Jon Marcus (Executive Producer)

  • Subject

    Stephen Chukumba, Frank Gonzales, Jose Trujillo, Peter Betz, Wayne Maines, Dennis Shepard

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