2021 Kids Art Project

Montclair Film Kids Art is back!

Look for these incredible drawings in store windows all around town.
Artwork is organized by the first letter of the child’s first name.

(A-B) Watchung Plaza
Watchung Ave from Fullerton Ave to the Plaza,
Watchung Plaza, Fairfield St, Park St

(C-D) Walnut St
Walnut St from Grove St to Forest St,
Grove St from Walnut St to Oxford St

(E-H) Downtown – Church St
Church St,
Park St from Bloomfield Ave to The Crescent,
South Fullerton Ave from Bloomfield Ave to The Crescent

(I-J) Downtown – Bloomfield Ave
Bloomfield Ave from Fullerton to St. Lukes Pl

(K-L) Downtown – Lackawanna Plaza & Glenridge Ave
Bloomfield Ave from Lackawanna Plaza to Fullerton
Glenridge Ave from Willow St to Bloomfield Ave

(M-V) Upper Montclair
Alley Rd from Kings to Sandwich Theory, Bellevue Ave

(W-Z) The South End
Orange Rd