Welcome To Montclair Film’s Virtual Cinema!

For the first time Montclair Film Festival will be presenting films, conversations, and panel discussions for viewing from the comfort and safety of home.

To launch the new service, MF is offering a free virtual screening of Ramona Diaz’s new film A THOUSAND CUTS for one week, starting Monday, September 14, and ending Sunday, September 20, 2020.

Additionally, we are offering a free screening of David Gaynes’ short film A SPIRIT IN FLIGHT, starting Monday, September 14, until the 2020 Montclair Film Festival program is announced on October 2, 2020.

Patrons are encouraged to participate in this free launch in order to set up your account and explore the process for purchasing tickets and screening films ahead of the 2020 Montclair Film Festival. As previously announced, the 2020 Montclair Film Festival will feature a program of drive-in screenings, virtual screenings, special events, and conversations. The full program, schedule, and venues will be announced on October 2, 2020, with tickets on-sale to Montclair Film Members on October 5, and public tickets available October 8.


In order to access the free screenings of A THOUSAND CUTS and A SPIRIT IN FLIGHT and try the new service on the platform ahead of the upcoming Montclair Film Festival, you will simply visit montclairfilm.org and order a free ticket for the film, as you would with any physical screening.

You will then receive an email from Montclair Film confirming your purchase, followed by an e-mail from Montclair Film Virtual Cinema requiring you to activate an Eventive account with the same e-mail you use at Montclair Film. That will be followed by an email with a link to the film on the Eventive platform. Once your account is activated, the film will be available in your Content Library on Eventive. Then, you can simply watch the film on your computer or mobile device using your web browser.

Once a ticket is acquired and the film has been accessed on Eventive, if you have Apple TV or Roku you will be able to download the new Montclair Film app from the Apple TV or Roku App Store. Simply search “Montclair Film” in the App Store, download and install the free app, and follow the onscreen instructions to link the app to the user’s existing Eventive account. Once linked, films that have been ordered will appear onscreen in your library, ready to be enjoyed in high quality on your home theater system.