Get Your
Vintage On
For Our ’70s
Mixtape Party

We know that getting dressed up in vintage styles for our ‘70s Mixtape Dance Party on February 24 at the Wellmont Theater will be half the fun — just ask anyone who partied with us last year. In anticipation of what promises to be the coolest party of the year, Montclair Film was delighted to talk with Colleen Connell, owner of Vintage Alley on Bloomfield Avenue in Verona about retro fashion and view a sampling of her latest assortment of fab ‘70s garb.

For those who’ve never shopped vintage, tell us a little bit about Vintage Alley and how you help your customers find the perfect retro style?

For over a decade, Vintage Alley has been a go-to-spot for vintage lovers, costume and fashion designers looking for inspiration, or those looking to find that perfect, unique piece to add to their closet.

The shop is always stocked with women’s fashion and accessories from as early as the Victorian era to the iconic styles of the ‘90s and in addition to women’s vintage, the shop also offers a limited collection of men’s vintage and women’s contemporary resale.

We also, of course, have people looking for something special to wear to a themed party. As for finding the perfect style for someone, it’s really individual, depending on comfort level and personality….as with contemporary fashion, we all have our own individual style.

The ‘70s had a lot going on style-wise, what’s your advice about sorting through the good, the bad (which in ‘70s speak could also be good) and the ugly?

The ‘70s had a big range as far as fashion. It was a decade where people were stepping out of their comfort zones, willing to be daring and rebellious. Styles ranged from Disco/Saturday Night Fever to Hippie/Boho to the David Bowie/Punk look. Disco would include lots of polyester, dance dresses, and jumpsuits. Boho style included maxi skirts, caftans, vests, denim, printed maxi dress and lots of patterns. The Punk look — the edgiest — focused on leather, fitted jeans (with rips), fishnet stockings, and worn t-shirts.

We can’t wait to see what party revelers will be wearing at our ’70s Mixtape Party. What tips do you have for wearing retro garb any time?

Vintage Alley always has a range of ‘70s pieces. In fact, we have a separate rack to make it easy shopping. Of course, we would love for everyone to stop in the shop, but it’s also easy to look for the ‘70s within your own closet. As we know, styles come back around….think flared jeans, printed blouses, platform shoes….and it’s easy to make a scarf into a headband, find an old pair of fitted jeans and throw on a leather jacket.

Take a look at the assortment below from Vintage Alley for inspiration or check out their website or Instagram. And whether you’re thinking boho chic, glam rock, disco queen, or punkster, come have a blast dancing with us to cool retro tunes by Joe McGinty & the Loser’s Lounge in your cool retro style at our ‘70s Mixtape Party on Saturday, February 24, 8:00 PM at the Wellmont Theater in Montclair. Proceeds from this special evening will support Montclair Film’s ongoing, year-round film and education programs. BUY TICKETS NOW

Courtesy of Alessandra Canario @allybirdvintage