Shorts: NJ Shorts

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BASED ON A TRUE STORY (dir. Brielle Cruz, USA, 18 min)
A girl consumed by her own teen angst finds comfort in pretending she’s the main character of an ‘80s brat pack movie.

DEAR FUTURE ME (dir. Sarah Klein + Tom Mason, USA, 13 min)
Maplewood Middle School students participate in a rite of passage.

FINDING BEAST (dir. Olivia Accardo, USA, 17 min)
Olivia returns home to rescue the ghost of her childhood cat from her family’s home before it’s too late.

ONE ALL THE WAY (dir. David Baram, USA, 24 min)
Three Jersey guys search for the world’s greatest Hot Texas Weiner, but along the way, discover what happened to their hometown of Paterson, NJ.

SICKLY (dir. Byron Leon, USA, 8 min)
A luckless Brooklynite searches through the night for medical care in an unfamiliar city.

SOMEONE WILL ASSIST YOU SHORTLY (dir. Jon Levenson, USA, 14 min)
A hospice nurse’s panic and isolation comes to light as he cares for his abusive and cognitively impaired father.

Q&A with producers Abby Hauptman + Sabrina Katz (BASED ON A TRUE STORY), directors Sarah Klein + Tom Mason (DEAR FUTURE ME), director Olivia Accardo (FINDING BEAST), director David Baram (ONE ALL THE WAY), director Byron Leon (SICKLY), and director Jon Levenson (SOMEONE WILL ASSIST YOU SHORTLY) to follow.

Virtual Screening Available in the USA
Available Friday, October 22 – Sunday, October 31