StorySLAM: Close
Encounters of the Worst Kind!
(Apr. 2018)

$14 Regular
$12 for Members (not a member?)

The 2018 Storyteller Series is co-presented by Audible

Join host Risa Barash and our house band The Tall Pines for a rousing Montclair Film StorySLAM, an evening celebrating stories and storytellers! This special festival edition will feature the winners from our monthly StorySLAM series, our Slam My Story! Youth Slam winners, and a few exciting guests! This special StorySLAM will focus on the theme CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE WORST KIND!, highlighting those special times in life when big moments, so full of promise, turn disastrous. And if you want to give it a try, we’ll be choosing one lucky audience member to join us on stage to tell their story (sign up will take place at the door).

StorySLAM: CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE WORST KIND! is presented in partnership with Red Nose Day USA, an enduring relationship for Montclair Film, established in 2016 when Red Nose Day founder Richard Curtis was honored at the Montclair Film Festival.