StorySLAM: Don’t Fight Fair
(Jun. 2018)

$10 Regular
$8 for Members (not a member?)

Don’t Fight Fair:
An Evening of Storytelling

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Stories of courage and perseverance in honor of
National Cancer Survivors Day

Everyone has a unique story of resilience to tell. In honor of National Cancer Survivors Day, Montclair Film, Summit Medical Group and Summit Medical Group MD Anderson Cancer Center collaborate to present a curated evening of stories of survival, triumph, and healing.

Submit your story and you may be chosen to read or perform LIVE at Montclair Film’s Cinema505. Selected stories may be included in a special Montclair Film, Summit Medical Group and Summit Medical Group MD Anderson podcast and video! Storytellers and stories will be selected in advance.

What should my story be about? Tell us about a time when your feelings of helplessness turned into the fight of your life, and you pulled out all the stops to persevere. Perhaps it was a cancer diagnosis, or an unexpected betrayal. We’ve all experienced that mix of emotions – fear, anger, sadness – when life throws you a curve ball but we come out stronger at the
end of the battle.

  • Submission Deadline: Friday, June 1st
  • Selected Storytellers Notified By: Monday, June 4th
  • Coaching Session 1: TBA
  • Coaching Session 2: TBA

For questions, please email

Who can submit? Anyone 18 years or older

How long can my story be? Up to 5 minutes performed

How do I submit my story? Click on the button below

What is the deadline for Submission?  Submission deadline is Friday, June 1st.  Selected storytellers will be notified on Monday, June 4th.  Two optional coaching sessions will be offered.