ESC 2022 Awards

Congratulations to our Emerging Screenwriter Competition Winners!

Grand Prize

Sam Zaslow-Braverman, Golda Och Academy


Winner: Gwendolyn Baily, Fusion Academy
Stella and Jack

Amelia Knapp, Montclair High School
When the Stars Align

Santiago Tapia Torres, Cooper City High School
Mel’s First Date


Jose Santos, Donald M. Payne Tech
The Breakup

Michael Liotta, Glen Ridge High School

Winner: Sam Zaslow-Braverman, Golda Och Academy


Emily Kalosieh, Waldwick High School
Dead by Ten

Willow Killebrew, Montclair Kimberly Academy
Red: Maturation Cut

Winner: Ross Perlman, Columbia High School
The Swell of Waves


Jason Lewis, Montclair High School
The Artist and His Pen

Winner: Sahana Mishra, Northern Valley Demarest High School

Luis Zonenberg, Klein High School
Kingdom, Chapter 3: Ghosts of the Forgotten


Jacques Ciambra, Montclair High School
Changing Frames

Winner: Dylan Gill, Columbia High School

Jacob Rincon, Cathedral High School

ESC Judges

Billy Frolick – The screenwriter behind “Paw Patrol: The Movie” and “Madagascar”
Tim Greenberg – Writer and Creator of the Netflix series “Living With Yourself”, also known for writing and producing “The Detour” and “The Daily Show”.
Ryan Spindell – Writer and Director of “The Mortuary Collection”, “The Babysitter Murders” and writer/producer for the show “50 States of Fright”.
Susan Skoog – Program Director for Screenwriting, University of the Arts. Writer and Director of “Whatever” and “Breeding Grounds”.
John Rotondo – Screenwriting Professor at University of the Arts and Writer of “The Garden Left Behind” and “Resemblance”.
Evan Dickerson – Screenwriting Instructor and former curriculum coordinator with Montclair Film.  His production and writing credits include: “Good Friday”, “A Revolution”, “Split Ends”, and “Disarray Days”.
Ryan Moore – Education Program Manager with Montclair Film, Screenwriting Professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University, and writer/director of “Marijuana Minutes”.