Montclair Film Kids Art


Montclair’s youngest movie-lovers have drawn pictures of the films they love the most. Check them out in store windows all around town now through the end of the festival. Show us your favorite at #KidsArtMFF2023


Watchung Plaza

  • Watchung Avenue from Fullerton Avenue to the Plaza
  • Watchung Plaza
  • Fairfield Street
  • Park Street


Walnut Street area

  • Walnut Street from Grove Street to Forest Street
  • Grove Street from Willard Place to Oxford Street
  • Forest Street from Label Street to Chestnut Street


Montclair Center – West of Fullerton

  • Bloomfield Avenue from Fullerton Street to St. Lukes Place
  • Church Street
  • Park Street from Portland Place to The Crescent
  • Fullerton Avenue from Clarmont Avenue to The Crescent
  • Midland Avenue from Bloomfield Avenue to Portland Place
  • Valley Road from Bloomfield Avenue to Church Street


Montclair Center – East of Fullerton

  • Bloomfield Avenue from Pine Street to Midland Avenue
  • Glenridge Avenue from Bay Street to Bloomfield Avenue
  • Lackawanna Plaza
  • Willow Street from Glenridge Avenue to Bloomfield Avenue


Upper Montclair

  • Valley Road from Kings to Acme
  • Bellevue Avenue
  • Lorraine Avenue
  • Upper Montclair Plaza


South End

  • Orange Road


Frog Hollow/South Valley

  • Valley Road from Walnut Street to James Street