Filmmaking 101

Ignite your students’ creativity with our hands-on Filmmaking 101 workshop! Our customizable program is designed to inspire creativity, develop storytelling skills, and empower students to express their unique perspectives. Experience our exciting hands-on workshops in our Montclair Media Labs or in your school!


Introduction to Filmmaking Fundamentals: Equip your students with the foundational knowledge of filmmaking, covering shot composition, camera angles, lighting, and sound.

Hands-on Activities and Exercises: Engage your students with practical activities and exercises that reinforce filmmaking concepts. These interactive sessions allow your students to actively participate in the filmmaking process, from generating ideas to producing final films.

Collaboration and Teamwork: Foster a spirit of collaboration and teamwork among your students as they work together to bring their ideas to life. The workshop emphasizes effective communication, problem-solving, and cooperation skills, enabling your students to thrive in a creative and supportive filmmaking environment.

Showcase: This culminating film allows your students to share their creative achievements with their peers, parents, and the wider school community, boosting their confidence and pride in their work.

Experience the excitement of our Filmmaking 101 workshop as your students explore the art of storytelling through film!

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