Montclair Film’s
1st Annual
Documentary Weekend

This October, we’re launching our 1st annual Documentary Weekend, featuring six films screening over the course of a single weekend, October 18-20, 2019. Featuring new and classic films that tell a wide range of stories, this weekend will be an opportunity for audiences to enjoy thought-provoking, deeply engaging documentaries that will inspire conversation and community.

The weekend opens on Friday, October 18 with Linda Goldstein Knowlton’s WE ARE THE RADICAL MONARCHS, followed by Saturday’s program of NARROWSBURG, directed by Martha Shane (in attendance), MOONLIGHT SONATA: DEAFNESS IN THREE MOVEMENTS, directed by Irene Taylor Brodsky (in attendance), the new, 4K restoration of the classic gospel music documentary SAY AMEN, SOMEBODY, directed by Georg T. Nierenberg (in attendance), and Sunday’s screenings of J.R. ‘BOB’ DOBBS AND THE CHURCH OF THE SUBGENIUS, directed by Sandy K. Boone (in attendance), and the new American Masters film ROTHKO: PICTURES MUST BE MIRACULOUS, directed by Eric Slade (in attendance) and profiling the great American artist Mark Rothko.

Tickets for Montclair Film Members go on sale at 10:00 AM on Tuesday, September 24, with public tickets available at 10:00 AM Friday, September 27. Tickets can be purchased online at or at the door (if available) prior to any film performance. Standby tickets will be made available for all screenings and will be made available 10 minutes prior to each screening.

Join us for what promises to be an extraordinary weekend!