505 Films + Friends
It’s Where You Belong!

505 Films + Friends is a club where young people can gather in a safe, positive, thought-provoking environment to engage socially through the viewing and discussion of films. Students will begin to learn about film, filmmaking, film vocabulary, as well as storytelling techniques. Each screening allows members to explore their own lives in relationship to the themes represented in the films with interactive discussions and activities led by a teaching artist and professional psychologist. Participants will also have time to schmooze and enjoy refreshments.

505 Films + Friends is an inclusive space for young people with and without disabilities and will inspire creativity, build confidence, connections and community awareness while empowering members with social skills to navigate school, career, and life.

Register now for our spring session!
See club dates below.
Takes place at Cinema505 – 505 Bloomfield Ave., Montclair.

Teen Club (open to 8-12th graders) – Price $225
Meets Fridays from 4pm – 7pm
4/20, 5/18, 6/1, 6/22
Special Montclair Film Festival combined session- Sunday, 5/6 from 3pm – 6pm
Scholarships are available

Young Adult Club (ages 18 -28) – Price $225
Meets on Sundays from 5pm – 8pm
4/22, 5/20, 6/3, 6/24
Special Montclair Film Festival combined session- Sunday, 5/6 from 3pm – 6pm
Eligible for DDD reimbursements

 Sample Class Schedule:

1. Check-in + Schmooze: (15 minutes) Get name tags and socialize. (Facilitators will provide guidance and support to be sure that everyone’s included).
2. Introduction of this week’s film: (30 minutes) Warm-up discussion focusing on film’s theme, characters, cinematography techniques and/or professions, and how film relates to participants’ personal life experiences.
3. View film: (1.5 hrs) in Cinema 505’s sensory-friendly environment.
4. Interactive film discussion: (15-30 min) Conversation and activities led by professional psychologist and teaching artist.
5. Post-mingle mix-it-up: (15-30 min) Enjoy and engage over snacks!

  For More Information, Email Us at Education@MontclairFilm.org