COVID Protocol


Montclair Film will follow current guidelines and recommendations set forth by the Center for Disease Control as well as any executive orders issued by the State of New Jersey. These standards are subject to change.


  • Mask wearing is recommended by all students and staff while indoors.
  • Students should bring/wear their own masks, but disposable masks will be available if extra are needed.
  • If you need to walk your student to the door, please wear a mask.


  • Class size will be limited to conform to the social distancing requirements within designated classroom spaces.
  • Classes will be scheduled with sufficient time between them to limit the number of people in the space at any given time.
  • Classroom spaces and equipment will be cleaned following each class.
  • Sanitizing wipes/cleaning products will be provided in each classroom space.


  • If your student has tested positive or is showing symptoms of COVID-19, keep them at home and contact us at: or 973-783-6433, ext. 6.
  • If your student has had contact with someone infected with COVID-19, please make sure they test for COVID and wear a mask in class. If they show symptoms, please keep them home and continue to test.

If we have a positive case of COVID-19 or a confirmed exposure, we will contact you immediately to determine next steps. For any questions regarding Montclair Film’s COVID-19 policies and procedures, please contact us at

Montclair Film is working to keep you safe and healthy, but we cannot guarantee the complete elimination of possible exposure to COVID-19. By entering the Investor’s Bank Film and Media Center or our satellite classrooms, you assume the risk of such exposure.