ESC 2022 Registration

Montclair Film is thrilled to announce their first annual EMERGING SCREENWRITING COMPETITION for students in Grades 8 through 12! Screenwriters’ are invited to submit a wide range of original screenplays that showcase the unique voices and talents of young people who are using story to express themselves.

The screenplays can be submitted in a variety of genres including Comedy, Drama, Action, Sci-fi/Fantasy, and Horror, and will be adjudicated by a jury of screenwriting and filmmaking professionals.

The Perks

  • The Grand Prize Winning script will be performed at a table read by actors at the award ceremony!
  • Winners will be celebrated at our first annual ESC Award Ceremony!
  • Winners will be acknowledged in a Montclair Film press release and on their website!
  • Winners in each category receive emailed script consultation from an experienced screenwriter!

The Rules

  • Short Film or Web Series Pilots will be accepted up to a length of 12 pages (not including the title page).
  • Submissions must be submitted as a PDF
  • Formatting: 12-point Courier font. 1.5 inch left margin. 1-inch right margin.
  • Scripts must be formatted correctly to be considered.
    • If you did not write your screenplay in screenwriting software (Final Draft, Movie Magic, etc.), consider re-writing it using or, both of which have free options.
  • Each writer may submit no more than two screenplays.
  • Scripts may be submitted with multiple genres, or a genre not listed.
  • Awards are determined by the ESC Jury.

Our ESC judging panel:

Billy Frolick – The screenwriter behind “Paw Patrol: The Movie” and “Madagascar”
Tim Greenberg – Writer and Creator of the Netflix series “Living With Yourself”, also known for writing and producing “The Detour” and “The Daily Show”.
Ryan Spindell – Writer and Director of “The Mortuary Collection”, “The Babysitter Murders” and writer/producer for the show “50 States of Fright”.
Susan Skoog – Program Director for Screenwriting, University of the Arts. Writer and Director of “Whatever” and “Breeding Grounds”.
John Rotondo – Screenwriting Professor at University of the Arts and Writer of “The Garden Left Behind” and “Resemblance”.
Evan Dickerson – Screenwriting Instructor and former curriculum coordinator with Montclair Film.  His production and writing credits include: “Good Friday”, “A Revolution”, “Split Ends”, and “Disarray Days”.
Ryan Moore – Education Program Manager with Montclair Film, Screenwriting Professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University, and writer/director of “Marijuana Minutes”.

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Submission Deadline: February 21, 2022.

Award Ceremony to be announced.

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