2016 Capital Campaign Donors

Thank You To Our Capital Campaign Donors for making
Montclair Film’s dream of a year-round home a reality!

Gifts both large and small helped us to cross the finish line in raising more than $3 million to renovate our headquarters and fulfill our mission to engage, educate and entertain through the power of visual storytelling!

$1 million+

Investors Bank


Evelyn and Stephen Colbert

The Silver Family Foundation


Susan V. Bershad Charitable Fund

Judy and Josh Weston



Bobbi Brown and Steven Plofker

Rose Cali

Dara and Jedd Canty

Mindy Cohen and David Bershad

Tracy Higgins and James Leitner

Leslie Larson and Don Katz

Patty and Jonathan Strain


Kristina and James Bromley

Melinda and Bill Connolly

Christina Cotton and Brian Clarkson

Molli and John Dowd

Dorothea and Peter Frank

The Employees of Investors Bank

Mary and Michael Johnson

Blanche & Irving Laurie Foundation

Kate Logan and Edmund Rung

New Jersey Cultural Trust

Shelley and Keith Phillips

Betsy and Jay Schweppe Foundation

Lynn and Sengal Selassie

Margo and Frank Walter

In memory of John C. Whitehead


Lisa and Joe Amato

Maggie Drucker and Bob Feinberg

Harold I. and Faye B. Liss Foundation

Zandi and Tom Nammack

Nancy Northup and James Johnson

Optima Engineering, P.A.

Karen and Warren Ross

Katherine and Robert Ruberton


Melissa and Robert Bigelow

Susan and Thomas Dunn

Radika Eccles and Steven Weddle

Philippa Girling and Joe Fiorentino

Martha and Dan Gregory

Sue Hollenberg and Joel Stillerman

The Hyde and Watson Foundation

Alice and Matthew Iversen

Meredith and Jonathan Ladov

Marcia Marley and Peter Rappoport

JoAnn and John McCullough

The Montclair Foundation

George A. Ohl, Jr. Trust

Aran Roche and Matthew Podwoski

Mary Anne and Peter Vaughn

Beth and Craig Wilensky

Joan and Don Zief


Sarah and Craig Barrack

Luce and Daniel Battsek

Dominick DeChiara and Brad Vaiana

Tanja and James Dixon

Valerie Edelson Smith and Matthew Smith

Cathy and Conrad Fink

Alexis and Clifford Finkle

Karen and Robert Gulliver

The Hopson Family

Korin and Larry Korman

Glenda McNeal

Richmond and Josh Rabinowitz

Rose Brand


Alison and Douglas Bauer

Sandra Chamberlin and Paul Michaels

Molly and David Ervin

Linda Fan and William Schaefer

Diana and John Fennelly

Holly and Robert Gregory

Ellen and Steve Higgins

Tina Jordan and Kevin Rendino

Janell and Bruce P. Keller

New Jersey Beer Co.

Mary Jo Wrenn and Raj V. Tahil


Anonymous, in honor of Evelyn Colbert

Emily and Steve Becker

Kathleen Beebe and Jeffrey Szilagyi

Andie and Co Bertsche

Elizabeth and Tim Bozik

LeeAnn Carlson and Steve Van Kuiken

Bonnie and Michael Carter

Jennie and Tom Cherry

Kahane and Jeff Cooperman

Dagmara Dominczyk and Patrick Wilson

Everson Family Charitable Fund

Betsy and Brian Harris

In Memory of Gwenyth H. Hurling

Edgar Kaplan

Jennifer and Todd Ladda

Marie and Wade Layton

Lorri Maake and Philip Bahramipour

Michael P. Maher

Maureen and Brad Ohlmuller

One-on-One with Steve Adubato

Kathy and Sly McClearn

Raphaela Neihausen and Thom Powers

Parker Bowles Family

Deirdra and Alex Picou

Valerie and Wesley Puryear

Ann Rasmussen and Chris Cerf

Jessica Sporn and Fred Cordero

Marci Shulman

Laura and Willard Tressel

Tyson Foods, Inc.

Claire Walls and Banks Tarver


Catalina Bajenaru

Benjamin Barbro

Joyce and Mark Friedman

Steven Fox

Christine James

Lynn Kasner Morgan

Kristen Kusama-Hinte

Mimi and Ted Scott

Maggie and Tom Vaughan

Mimi and Steve Wrede


Dot and Bob Allcorn

Linda and Bobby Bowers

Sharon Burton Turner and Lincoln Turner

Tanya Carter and Frank Barnes, Jr.

Kathleen Denny

Joe Donahue

In Memory of Hal Drucker

Events By Joni

Linda and Vincent Flanagan

Kianni Madison Keys

Joanne and Fred Langbein

Kimberly and Peter Ligotti

Laura Linn and Matthew Frankel

Jo and Frank Martone

Tracy McVeigh and Andrew Melitz

Marsha Mercant and John Swain

Amy and Don Putman

Lyn Rosenweig and Bruce Schnelwar

Jodi and Gary Rudoren

Sara Rutkowski

Nina and Rich Tucker

Julie Winokur and Ed Kashi

These donations represent gifts made from 12/1/2015 through 3/1/2019. If your name has been misprinted or omitted in error, please accept our apology and let us know by calling (973) 783-6422, x. 2.

Special thanks to our extraordinary Montclair-based project team.

Ashenfelter, Slous, Trembulak, McDonough, Golia & Trevenen, LLP

Larry Slous, Partner

The Bravitas Group

Bob Silver, Project Director

Katie Long, Project Manager

Sionas Architecture, PC

Paul Sionas, Architect

Rick Jarzembowsi, Architect

RHG Architecture + Design

Rachael Grochowski, Designer

Jack Finn & Company, Building Contractors, LLC

Jack Finn, Contractor

Lance Hoffman, Project Manager