Montclair Film provides customized sponsorship opportunities for businesses, corporations, and community partners to engage with our diverse, creative, sophisticated, and in many cases, affluent audience.

Become a Film Festival Sponsor

  • Host parties + events
  • Present free panels, family events + public programs
  • Underwrite Filmmaker Awards
  • Co-present screenings

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Support Our Education + Community Programs

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Make an In-kind Donation!

Montclair Film enjoys in-kind media sponsorships and trades, legal advice, discounts from hotels and caterers, items to furnish our lounges and party spaces, cases of beer, wine and soft drinks, and other support valued at more than $200,000 (approximately 10% of our total revenue is In-Kind Support).

  • Printing
  • Post Production Services
  • Filmmaking Equipment
  • Food + Beverages
  • Advertising
  • Transportation
  • Lodging
  • Awards
  • Merchandise
  • Customized Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in Montclair Film, New Jersey’s largest and fastest growing festival dedicated to film + media arts!

To learn more, contact Beth Gottung, Executive Director, at Beth@MontclairFilm.org.