Annual Fund Donors

We are so grateful to the following donors and members for your generous support of Montclair Film and The Clairidge this past year. Your contributions make it possible for us to engage, educate, and entertain through the power of visual storytelling by bringing films, filmmakers, programs, and events to our region. We simply couldn’t do it without you, and truly appreciate this support.

$100,000 and above
Evelyn and Stephen Colbert

$50,000 – $99,999
Susan V. Bershad
Blanche & Irving Laurie Foundation
Dick Grabowsky/Grabowsky Development
Kate Logan and Edmund Rung

$25,000 – $49,999
Christina Cotton and Brian Clarkson
SeaDream Family Foundation
The Katie McGrath & J.J. Abrams 
Family Foundation

$15,000 – $24,999
Rose Cali
Anne and John Dickerson
Peter Frank
Bridget and David Placek
Joan and Donald Zief

$10,000 – $14,999
Lisa and Joe Amato
Arnold & Porter
Dara and Jedd Canty
LeeAnn Carlson and Steve Van Kuiken
Mindy Cohen and David Bershad
Tanja and James Dixon
Maggie Drucker and Robert Feinberg
Cathy and Conrad Fink
The Hyde and Watson Foundation
New Jersey Arts & Culture Renewal Fund of the Princeton Area Community Foundation
Karen and Warren Ross
Katherine and Robert Ruberton
Kirsten Russler and Ian Noble
S. Dillard & Adrienne Kirby Family Philanthropic Fund
Melanie Tang
Mary Anne and Peter Vaughn
Josh Weston

$5,000 – $9,999
Sarah and Craig Barrack
Elizabeth and Tim Bozik
Coolidge Corner Theater Foundation
Marla and Donald Cussen
Linda Fan and Will Schaefer
Alexis and Clifford Finkle
Fishes and Loaves
George A. Ohl, Jr. Trust
Holly Shakoor Fleischer and Ruben Fleischer
Queenie and Trevor Gandy
Karen and Robert Gulliver
Yana and Raul Gutierrez
The Narula Foundation
Open Society Institute
Lynn and Sengal Selassie
Valerie and Matthew Smith
Andreea Stan Tetlow and Sam Tetlow
Amy Widman and Daniel Koenig

$2,500 – $4,999
Danielle and Steven Addair
Sien and Michael Avalos
Luce and Daniel Battsek
Eric Bogdan
Citizens Bank Foundation
Yana Collins Lehman
Emma Freud and Richard Curtis
Carolyn M Gould
Fannie and Tim Gray
Alice and Matthew Iversen
Joseph H. and Evelyn M. McGee Fund
Angela and Andy Larkin
Lorri Maake and Phillip Bahramipour
Markel Corporation
Max Fischer and the Max Fischer Players
McKinsey and Company
Glenda McNeal
Leslie Meek-Wohl and Ethan Wohl
The Montclair Foundation
Yuting (Darlene) and Ralph Patterson
Shelley and Keith Phillips
Shruti and Prem Ramaswami
Ann Rasmussen and Christopher Cerf
Elizabeth and Jonathan Sobel
Jessica Sporn and Fred Cordero
Amy Taylor and Nelson Rockefeller
Beth and Craig Wilensky

$1,000 – $2,499
Linny and Rick Andlinger
Anne and Mark Anquillare
Dean Balsamini
Carla Baranauckas
Megan Beardsley and David Blackburn
Emily and Steven Becker
Lisa Callender
Claudia and Jeff Carrie
Sandra Chamberlin and Paul Michaels
Sylvia Cohn
Susan Cole
Candace and Jeff Dobro
Sybil Eng and Tad Roselund
The Fatzler Family
Diana and John Fennelly
Harriet and Michael Finck
French Institute Alliance Française
Leigh and Mark Garofalow
Susan and Chris Gifford
Melanie Girton
Clare and Antony Hand
Helen and William Mazer Foundation
Sharon Hendee and Diane Hughes
Tracy and Scott Herrick
Renee Hill-Pinney
Catherine and Phil Irwin
Rosemary Iversen
John Taylor Babbitt Foundation
Michelle Y. Johnson-Lewis
Lauren and Doug Kaplan
Janell and Bruce P. Keller
Carey and Kyle Kolaja
Emily Lazar and Jonathan Alter
Ted Lefevre and Keith Wiggs
Maureen A Leidl
Marcia Marley and Peter Rappoport
Lana and Dave Masor
Virginia McEnerney and John Schreiber
Tracy McVeigh and Andrew Melitz
Judy and Jonathan Minkoff
Frede Mirenda and Ann McCarthy— Prominent Properties Sotheby’s International Realty
Marc and Polly Murphy
Alexandra and Tom Nammack
Mary O’Donnell Hulme
One-on-One with Steve Adubato
Daniela and Luke Parker Bowles
Michael Pielocik
Celine and Sydney Polinchock
Amy and Don Putman
Richmond and Josh Rabinowitz
Diane M Ridley
Jill Rooney Carr
Lisa and Matthew Russman
Denise and Paul Silverman
Cheryl and Marc Slutzky
Amy and Richard Sommer
Linda Sterling
TarverWalls Foundation
Lynne and Vincent Toye
Laura and Willard Tressel
Margo and Frank Walter

$500 – $999
Jennifer and Steve Adubato
Amari Allah
Gail Barringer and Jansen Lambie
Bauer Wheeler Family Fund
Debbi and Steve Bernstein
Joseph Bertolotti
Andie and Co Bertsche
Terri Breen
Lorraine and Dale Calvert
Cindy Campos Alves Pereira
Gerardo Capo
Julie and Monty Cerf
Kitty Charde
Jennie and Tom Cherry
The Cocco Family
Cathleen Coffey and Rick Snow
Marie Cottrell
Devon Corneal and Tim O’Brien
Mark DiBenedetto
Robin and Michael Drews
Mary Jane Eggers Plofker and 
Richard Plofker
Brian Fielding
Carol and Charles Glaws
Michelle Golden
Holly and Robert Gregory
Joan and James Griffin
Heidi Grothaus and Anthony Fears
Izumi Hara and David Koschik
Lois Hull and William Harrison
Diane Horowitz and Joseph Wojak
Marilyn Kasner Morgan
Jack Kassel
Mary Beth Loughran
Steph and Mark Lurie
Michael Maher
Kasia Malinowska
Thomas McDonough
Susan and Reimer Mellin
Amanda and Scott Milleisen
Constance Mortell
Raphaela Neihausen and Thom Powers
Odette Perriel
Penwah Phynjuar
Kait Plum and Tony Pemberton
David Reynolds
Craig Risinger
Martha Rohr
Melissa and Angelo Rotondi
Sarah and Joshua Rudbart
Magda Schaler-Haynes and Michael Haynes
Alisson Sol
Lauren Storholm
Karen and Chris Turner
Emily Wagner and Alex Roebelen
Lela Weems and Shaka Rasheed
Margaret Whitsett
Fred A. Williams
Lisa Williams
Peter Yacobellis

$250 – $499
Christine and Luke Adams
Fran Adler and Martin Berkowitz
Antonio Aiello
Connie Alexis-Laona
AMC Networks
Audrey Anderson
Eileen Anderson
Andrea and Jamie Antonelli
Nicla Antonini
Elizabeth Arenberg
Gina Asprocolas
Ann Attardi
Judy Avrin
Evan Baily
Katherine Bailey and Benjamin Selkow
Jill Baker
Risa Barash-DiLorenzo
Shari and Jack Baron
Bonnie Barrios
Marissa and Mark Bates
Anja Becker
Jennifer Bell and Kazys Varnelis
Samantha Benkovic
Kenneth Berman
Gadi Binness
Kyra Blatt
Petra Blignaut
Valerie Block
Margaret Bodde and Don Fleming
Erin Bolger
Janet Boltax
Daniel Borkowski
Lisa Bosco-Tafro
Patricia Bratt
Brian Brewer
Joni Bronander
Harley Brown
Kimberly Brown and David Halbinger
Raha and James Brown
Wendy and William Brown
Linda and Marty Brumbach
Simone Butler
Orlando Callegari
Clayton Castellanos
Jake Cecil and Mackenzie Tuite
Michele Chiles-Hickman
Miriam Chilton and Joel Dorow
Marci and David Clark
Margot Cochran
Sarah Colantonio
Andrew Croft
Tanya Cunningham
Rita de Leeuw
Matthew DeBord
Carmen DeMatteis
Alison Denby
Kathleen Denny
Elizabeth and Daniel D’Errico
Meredith Deupree
Michael DeVita
Karen Dias-Martin
Jennifer Dorr and David Moon
Robin and Michael Drews
Andrew Drukker
Jill and Barry Edinburg
Mitchell Engelmeyer
Benjamin Eva
Jennifer Fidlon-Bugat
Tess Fils-Aime
Ivy Fischer and Debra Glessner
Jessica and Michael Fiorito
Gina and John Fortt
Allan Frieze
Tom Gaidimas
Elizabeth Galiardo
Catherine Garrabrant
Laura and Andrew Gelman
Alfia Gilligan
Elwyn Gladstone
Paul Gold
Cynthia Green
Timothy Greenberg
Maritza Guzman and Steve Abrahamson
Robert J Hall
Krista Harris
Linda Hassan
Susan and Arthur Hatzopoulos
Lyn Headley-Deavours
Deborah and Peter Hirsch
Jan Hoffman and Dan Nachman
Shari and Mark Hoffman
Elizabeth Howard
Maggie Huckeba
Linda Hughes and Steven Napolitano
Farangis Iapichino
Davida and Steven Isaacson
Alison Javens
Mary Jeffrey
Jessica Johnson
Grace Ju
Brian Juergens
Judy Kalinowski
Julia Kaplan
Barry Katz
Tom Kazmark
Trisha and Seth Kelly
Kristen Kemp-Svenson
Stacy Kilkenny
Helen Kleinman and Alan Bell
Melissa and Paul Kneuer
Nathaniel Kolodny
Leanne Korbel
Robert Kovacs
Agnes and Jeffrey Kuschner
Jonathan Leff
Jennifer Leyden
Vincent Lia
Barbara and Robert Lieberman
Mallory Loehr
Debbie and Sean Looney/Loop Studios
Pia and Ryen Lopresti
Sue and Brian Lovit
Vera and Jason Lynch
Kathleen MacDonnell
Susan Maclaury and Albie Hecht
Ellen Maddrey
Alice and Edward Magdziak
Christine Marcarian
Judy Martinez
Danielia Maximillian
Andrea Mayes
Ann Marie McCabe
Ann K. McCarthy
Melissa McCarthy
Kelly and Joseph McDonald
Linda McDonnell
Alexis Mendoza
Luz Miranda-Crespo
Fredericka Mirenda
Lorijeane Moody and Drew Fessenden
Catherine and James Moore
Lauren and James Moore
Rebekkah and Peter Morral
Rachel Murphy and James Glossman
Amy and Keith Myers
James Nance
Jennifer O’Brien
Louise O’Connor
Marcia O’Grady
Jane and Kevin O’Leary
Mary O’Malley
Deirdre Ogden
Carrie Ortiz and John Werner
Linda Paradise
Christina Pena
Stacey Pinilis
Ruby Pizzini
Jennifer Pollock
Susan Pozner
Lori Price Abrams and Richard Abrams
Stella Psaroudakis
Allison Radecki
Camille Raia
Robert Rawley
Michele B. Reichstein and Robert Reichstein
Lisanne Renner and Adam Grace
Joseph Reynolds
Jonathan Richards
Birgit Rimpel
Gina Rizzo
Elizabeth Rizzotti
Tara Roberts
Aaron Rudelson
Richard Sabella
Kathryn Sachs
Patti Samper
Sarah Scalet
Jessica Schachter
Rebecca Schaefer
Carole A. Schaffer and David Waggett
Brenda Schait
Erin Schwitter
Arti Shah
Joy Shih
Mark Siegel
Clare and Nicholas Skyles
Joanne Slaman
Jamie Smith
Kathleen and Steve Smith
Rebecca Solomon
Marie Spiegeland
Andrew Stanish
Marjorie Lewis Steinfeld
David Steinke
Caren Stern and Andrew Topf
Missy Sullivan
Debra Taffet
Ami and Andy Talkow
Sara Thode
Kerrie Tiedemann
Tiffany Tipton
Betsy True
Deborah Turvey
Judith and Elias Typaldos
Emily Van Do
Mary Ann Villanueva
Denise and Ira Wagner
Luke Waldrum
Kathy Walsh
Jonathan Wasserman
Laurena White
Bryn Whittle
Linda and Todd Wieseneck
Leah Wolchok
Owen Wolfe
Jane Wood
Mimi and Steve Wrede
Kathryn Yarhouse
Rita and Alan Yohalem
Alice Young
Katerina Zacharia
Jennifer Zerres
Maureen and John Zurlo

Donations made after September 3, 2022 are listed. If your name has been misprinted or omitted in error, please accept our apology and let us know by emailing