Annual Fund Donors

Thank you for your generous support of Montclair Film. Your donation significantly helps to engage, educate and entertain through the power of visual storytelling and helps us to fulfill Montclair Film’s potential as a favorite regional film festival that is more and more regularly being recognized for breaking new ground in film and media education.


($50,000 and above)
Lisa and Joe Amato
Evelyn and Stephen Colbert
Craig Newmark Philanthropic Fund
Omaze Donor Community
US Small Business Association

($25,000 and above)
Susan V. Bershad
Dara and Jedd Canty
Anne and John Dickerson
Leslie Larson and Don Katz
The Nature Conservancy
NJ Arts and Culture Recovery Fund
NJ Economic Development Authority
Josh Weston

($15,000 – $24,999)

($10,000 – $14,999)
Rose Cali
Mindy Cohen and David Bershad
Christina Cotton and Brian Clarkson
Kirsten Russler and Ian Noble
S. Dillard & Adrienne Kirby Philanthropic Fund
Melanie Tang
Joan and Donald Zief

($5,000 – $9,999)
Luce and Daniel Battsek
Melissa and Robert Bigelow
Linda Fan and Will Schaefer
Queenie and Trevor Gandy
Janell and Bruce Keller
Joseph and Patti McGee
Ann Rasmussen and Christopher Cerf
Lynn and Sengal Selassie
Valerie Edelson Smith and Matthew Smith
Elizabeth and Jonathan Sobel
Margo and Frank Walter
Amy Widman and Daniel Koenig

($2,500 – $4,999)
Danielle and Steven Addair
Adunni and Herman Anderson
Sarah and Craig Barrack
Elizabeth and Tim Bozik
Erin Lee Carr
Maggie Drucker and Bob Feinberg
Cathy and Conrad Fink
Alexis and Clifford Finkle
Fannie and Tim Gray
Karen and Robert Gulliver
Yana and Raul Gutierrez
Alice and Matthew Iversen
Lorri Maake and Phillip Bahramipour
Glenda McNeal
Helen and William Mazer Foundation
The Narula Foundation
Daniela and Luke Parker Bowles
Darlene and Ralph Patterson
Shelley and Keith Phillips
Liza Poor and Michael Pielocik
The Quenqua Family
Karen and Warren Ross
Jessica Sporn and Fred Cordero
TarverWalls Foundation
Amy Taylor and Nelson Rockefeller, Jr.
Laura and Willard Tressel
Beth and Craig Wilensky
Mary Anne and Peter Vaughn

($1,000 – $2,499)
Amanda Ansorg and Gregor Clark
Sien and Michael Avalos
Lisa Callender
Claudia and Jeff Carrie
Sylvia Cohn
Deborah and Steve Dillingham
Frederic’s Fine Jewelers
Susan and Chris Gifford
Carolyn Gould
Sue Hollenberg and Joel Stillerman
Lauren and Doug Kaplan
Rachel and Jung Lee
Nancy LeRoy
Kasia Malinowska
Tracy McVeigh and Andrew Melitz
Susan and Reimer Mellin
Montclair Center BID
Montclair Fund for Ida Relif
Shruti and Prem Ramaswami
Vanessa Thompson and Michael Schreiber
Cheryl and Marc Slutzky
Karen and Chris Turner
Variance Films

Donations made after April 1, 2022 and before March 30, 2023 are listed.  

If your name has been misprinted or omitted in error, please accept our apology and let us know by calling (973) 783-6433, x. 2.